Hello Charlie,
I really enjoyed your class and learned a great deal.  My skills have been increased.  Next time I will not bring a new pistol or a new holster, but I stated this was my first for many things.
Paul L.

 Charlie - Thank you, Marla and Tony so much for spending your Saturday with us to introduce IDPA. You and your team have enlightened me into what a wonderful community IDPA is with lots of opportunities to grow my shooting skills. As a 'new to pistol shooting' individual, the course provided me with a 'safe' environment to enhance my skills both from a range and learning environment perspectives.  Your instructor team was very knowledgeable, patient, engaged and encouraging.  This experience has given me the confidence and desire to educate myself further and engage in the IDPA community.  I look forward participating in future events at Brock's Gap Training facility.
Jody M.

A great course!  I feel confident I can participate in a match.  Your team did a great job of running us through the basics, providing tips for competition and it was all done in a very safe and friendly environment.  Plus who didn't like the 94 degree weather.  :-)
Truly a very professional course.  In fact I'm now an IDPA member. Thanks again.  Please include me in the notice for the concealed carry class.  
Darryl R.

Thanks again for the class last weekend.  I enjoyed it more than I thought I might and will look forward to another class in the near future.

Thank you for putting this class together.  It was a wonderful and informative primer for IDPA.  I am looking forward to potentially taking another one of the classes.  The instruction was done in a professional and encouraging manner which made class supper fun.
I put together some video Scott and I took.  It is on YouTube but is only available via the link below.  Enjoy.

Many thanks to you for taking the time to set up this Intro to IDPA Class.  I would also like to give a huge thank you also to Marla & Tony for their input and patience as instructors (SO).  The amount of care given to the safety of the sport was a revelation.  I realized that a large percentage of people really do not have a clue how important it is and from my few visits to other indoor ranges they do not either.  I highly recommend this class to any novice or experienced shooter looking to get a greater understanding of their firearm, their surroundings and most of all just to have a BLAST!!!!  Best day of shooting of my life so far. 
Thanks again.
Scott B.

Comments from March 17/18th Concealed Carry Class

I want to thank you for having me and my son in your class.  We are avid shooters and we have been concealed carriers for some time now.  My eyes were opened on certain aspects of concealed carry.  Your course is very informative and very useful for anyone who is thinking about carrying a firearm for self defense.  
Thank you,

Kendall S. 

We recently attended the Concealed Carry seminars I and II conducted by Charlie Baker and his team at Strategic Solutions.
These courses taught us the basic skills necessary to competently carry, and if need be, deploy our firearms in self-defense. But more importantly, we were given the knowledge to safely and courteously exercise our 2nd Amendment rights while protecting ourselves legally, financially, and morally should we employ the option of last resort. I could sum it all up like this; Our Rights, given by God and protected by our Constitution, can never be separated from the responsibilities that are an integral part of the Rights themselves. Charlie and his team at Strategic Solutions taught us this and so much more in the most professional, courteous and friendly manner.

If you think you wish to legally carry a concealed firearm this course is a MUST DO. You’ll be surprised at what you didn't know.

Jim and Kendra S.

Thanks again for all your help Charlie.  The conceal carry and personal protection seminar was excellent.  I feel that I have a very informed understanding of all that is involved with concealed carry, which the lectures and drills brought forth with good clarity.  Techniques were learned that will come in handy without a doubt.  Would heartily recommend this course.

Mark J., MD

 “The USCCA classes would benefit anyone issued concealed carry permit. The quality of the Level I and II classes are top notch and the instructors are first rate. I am much more aware of the many nuances in the decision to carry and gained great insights into where and what I need to improve in. These should be required to carry." Train, educate, win!

Jane E.

Dear Mr. Baker,
The USCCA Concealed Carry & Personal Protection Seminar was outstanding. I forgot to ask you at the end of class about the information you spoke of concerning finding a good pro-second amendment defense trial attorney. I would appreciate it if you could send me information on finding such a lawyer.

Thank you,
Virgil J. , PhD.



Comments from March 4th, 2017 USCCA Basic Pistol Class

Hi Charlie,
I received my certificate in the mail yesterday. I was so puffed up with pride when I opened the envelope!  I enjoyed the class and also enjoyed meeting you, Marla and Robert. I am not sure when I will take another class, but I'm pretty sure y'all will see me again.
Best Regards,

Thanks so much for an excellent class. I was very impressed with the skills levels of each of the three instructors and their genuine desire to teach each of the participants safety, efficiency and proficiency of pistol use. I came away from the class with a clear understanding and appreciation of the gravity and responsibility of what it really means "to carry." So much so that I am grateful for the opportunity to continue my instruction and improvement in the Level II class. Thank you again.

Jane E.

Great class. Great instructors.  I wish I had taken this sooner; like 40 years ago, and 10 year intervals since. I’ll be working on a few things you all focused on and hope to improve my technique.  I am so impressed with you, Marla and Roberts’ patience and guidance. Driving home the fact that carrying is such a HUGE responsibility, and must be done with our brain in gear, and the class brings that out. It’s very sobering, as it should be.

Educate, and train to win…………

Bill W.

Hello Charlie, 
I thought the class was great. I'm especially glad I took it early on in my handgun career. The class room discussion covering the mindset and lifestyle of carrying a weapon really hit home with me the most and the time each instructor took to cater to the skill level of each shooter on the range was great. This class has laid a strong foundation that I plan to build on in order to become a great defensive shooter. I already feel more confident as I prepare to begin carrying, but I know I've still got a long way to go. Thank you. 

 Madison W


Hi Charlie,
This class was excellent.  There were many things brought up that all who intend to carry should consider, some that never even occurred to me.  And, of course, the point was driven home about practice, and muscle memory.  In my opinion, this class is a MUST for people who intend to carry.  I was already talking it up to friends as early as Saturday evening…!

Thanks, and see you on the 18th!
Andrew F

Great class  Charlie! Really drove home the grave responsibility you bear when you decide to carry a firearm. Very good instruction on the range too!

Marty F.

Comments from November 19th Intro To IDPA CLass

Hey Charlie, great job yesterday by you and your team, I learned a lot about defensive pistol shooting and how to move, shoot and run my firearm effectively. Also met some great guys. You and your entire team are all very professional, great instructors, very knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their skills running their handgun, and as a great Introduction to IDPA.
Marty F.

Charlie—The Intro to IDPA class on 11-19-16 was very well done!! You all provided “Quality Instruction” with a constant emphasis on safety. We received excellent instruction on the basics through live fire—the draw—grip—safe trigger finger—proper point—magazine control. These are all skills that I know well but executed very poorly during live fire. It emphasized the absolute need to create muscle memory through practice—practice—practice!! It also raised the question—If you performed so poorly during a controlled teaching session—How well could you handle an actual self-defense  encounter??  Thanks—

Gary J

TO: IDPA Team,
The class yesterday was one of my favorites. My wife and I were very comfortable with the teaching styles, presentation abilities and especially the ability to teach such serious situations with comedic style.  There was a distinct improvement in student skills by the end of the day.  Well done.
David & Susan T.

Thanks again for such a wonderful day of training, and letting me into the class on such short notice! I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone interested in learning about IDPA or just wanting to learn new skills in general.  I appreciate the attention to detail, professionalism, safety first mentality and finally the ability to make learning enjoyable and fun.  You guys did a great job of making everyone feel welcome, regardless of experience level, and I recommend anyone from beginners to experienced shooters to attend any of your classes, as there is always more to learn and skills to be honed and you guys did a great job.  Please feel free to use me as a reference to prospective students.
I also would like you to add me to your mailing list, and would like to go ahead and get things rolling for me to attend your USCCA class that you mentioned Sat.
Thanks again to you Marla, Robert and David- Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Jeremy S.

Thank you for a fun filled and extremely informative class yesterday. One of my main goals in taking the class and wanting to participate in IDPA is to learn how to handle my gun safely and effectively and if I am ever in a situation where I had to use it I could do so with competency. I don't know if I'll ever be at the competitive level but I do hope to get efficient enough to hit my targets each time and learn how to shoot with skill.  Thank you again. 
I want to take the concealed weapons class but I think I have an out of town wedding that weekend in March so it may have to be the next class   Thank you again for all your help. 
Vickie G. 

The Intro course was great. I really appreciate the effort to stay on schedule. Your team really kept the mood balanced with humor and safety. I think everyone should be required to attend this intro class before signing up for their first IDPA match. The course really did advance us quickly to be prepared for the matches to come.
Jeff W

Excellent class all around, very knowledgeable and friendly instructors with outstanding attention to safety. Great day at the range!!
Jose R

Your introductory to IDPA class was outstanding! I have to commend everyone for how safe an environment you all setup. It’s great to be taught the fundamental skills, but the safety officers go further and provide you with tips and tricks that will make you even more proficient. Thanks!
Zac M.

Comments from September 16th, 17th NRA Pistol Instructor Class

Hey! Thank you so much for the class. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The class was professional, polite and made me feel very welcome. I've got no problem recommending this class to anyone interested. 
Best Regards,

Chad J.

Thank you Charlie. The class was amazing. It is a pleasure to learn from you, Robert and Marla.

Becki D.

"Charlie Baker and his staff are exceptional trainers, and I was very pleased with their dedication to lifting students up to a higher standard of excellence."

Matthew  N.

Feel free to pass on my contact information to any interested students. I WILL be joining another training class from your organization - very well done.

Firearms are serious business. They can also be used for serious fun or serious self defense. I have been shooting for over 40 years and I learned more useful information during the class than I thought was possible. Charlie and his team were professional, entertaining and enlightening. I can strongly endorse Charlie and Strategic Solutions, LLC for ANY class they offer - It will be money well invested!

Billy H

Charlie, Thank You, Marla and Robert, for a superb Job.
Your professionalism and knowledge greatly exceeded my expectation for the class.
There was never a dull moment and you kept me engaged and interested throughout the class. The knowledge imparted by you and your staff exceeded the course material and added tremendous value. The positive attitude and teaching philosophy made me comfortable and eager to participate and learn. I will be attending more of your classes and highly recommend others do the same. Until Next Time

John D.

As a certified federal law enforcement firearms instructor, I chose the instructor certification training course to fine tune my skills as an instructor. Charlie Baker and his staff at Strategic Solutions provided training comparable to law enforcement training. Great mentor-ship and professionalism from Charlie and his staff. I am glad to have Charlie as my counselor. 

Abe G.


Thank you for making my instructor course one of the most challenging and rewarding classes I’ve ever taken. It was so great to have the experience of teamwork, speaking practice and with your encouragements and pointers on improvement. I feel very confidant now and feel I am ready to take on the task of educating and equipping students for the NRA basic firearms class and I owe such a big thanks to Charlie and his staff for the great job they are doing. I would recommend his classes to anyone.

Sonja W.J. 


Comments from August 20, 2016 USCCA Class

First, I want to thank you and your team for the excellent class this
Saturday.  I've been through numerous training courses over my 24 year
military career, but had never done one specifically focused on Concealed
Carry.   It's always a good idea to approach training from a different
perspective as it forces you to look at the subject in ways you haven't
before.  I've attended several classes where the people conducting the
training had an "Instructor-God" complex, which can turn students off from
engaging.  Your team was quite the opposite.  While you were each obviously an
expert in your fields, there was no arrogance or ego in the way you presented
the information.  You each kept your students engaged as active participants
in the class, rather than just people filling seats.  Well done.

 When it came time to transition to the practical application portion, your
team shined.  You each provided excellent feedback to each shooter,
identifying both strong points and areas for improvement while not ridiculing
mistakes.  Robbie didn't even give me as hard a time as he should have when I
hadn't seated my magazine properly and it went flying when I drew my weapon.
Correcting a student's mistakes can be tricky, especially when it comes to
weapon skill where it's very easy to attach your ego to how well you shoot.
Not once did I see an instructor give correction in a mocking or deriding
fashion.  The scenarios you put us through were very realistic and did an
excellent job of presenting us with challenges we might encounter in a deadly
force situation.

 Without reservation, I would highly recommend your class, and as a matter of
fact, already have.  You should be hearing from my brother soon.

Thanks again for providing a valuable training opportunity.

David L. B.

Thank you to you and your excellent staff. Class material was very informative - makes you think. If I learned anything on the range, it was practice, practice, and more practice of the scenarios. Thanks again,

Tom A


You and your staff really provided a great time of classroom and range training. You highlighted many things that were unknown to me. You answered tough questions and everyone on your staff was very knowledgeable. You all corrected when it was needed and encouraged when something good was done. I come out of your training better prepared, but knowing that there is always room for improvement. I will never forget the comment "the most important thing to do when the cops show up is DON'T GET SHOT". Even though it rained during our range time, your staff used it as a positive. Blessings to you and all the staff.

Stephen B.


Comments from July 16, 2016 Range Day Make-up Session

Hi.  I just wanted to thank you all for coming out on such a hot day to give us a great informative experience at the range.  Everyone was so friendly and experienced.  The only downside is that it made me want a new gun!  I can see that I definitely need a lot more training and will be checking your calendar to see what comes up.  I think IDPA and Steel Challenge would be so much fun.

This was the best class I've ever taken because of the friendly atmosphere and experienced instructors.  I am eagerly awaiting a chance to take another class!
Thanks again,
Frances M.

Great instructors and a great facility made for a truly great course.  The high number of instructors allowed everyone to receive one-on-one feedback to improve our shooting skills.  The personal protection shooting drills were very informative and eye opening.  Bottom line, if you plan to carry, this course will help to properly prepare you.
Kris B.

"The range time was excellent. I have shooting experience and participate in competitions and still learned several things. I would highly recommend the class."
Paul H.

“Even to say that this range training session greatly exceeded my expectations would be an understatement.   The one-on-one guidance from very experienced instructors was broad enough to give a solid base to develop further from, without being overwhelming.  The time taken individually with each student allowed the depth on each topic to be tailored to that individual’s experience and skill level.   The result was that everyone learned how to be safe, got challenged, identified areas to work on next, AND had a lot of FUN!    Fantastic session!”
Steve R.

Comments from May 20-21, 2016 Personal Protection & Concealed Carry Class

As a total novice at firearms, this class was very informative and encouraging to further learn and advance my skills & knowledge. Brenda M.

Very informative with great instructors! Becky D.

Very informative class. One on one shooting drills were awesome! Kris B.

This is the best class I’ve ever taken - great one on one instruction with friendly instructors. Frances M.

Excellent class! Every firearm owner should know what is in this class. Janelle H.

This is a great course for anyone of any firearm experience level! Paul H.

Beginner or expert, this course is a great seminar. The information presented is easy to understand, well presented by professional, courteous, and personable instructors. I am glad to have been part of it. Jason L.

The class was outstanding and the instructors were very knowledgable. I would recommend this class to everyone involved with concealed carry or self defense. Beck Harbin

This is the single most important class I have taken in my entire life. Elizabeth O.

This class was helpful gaining more education, training, and therefore more confidence in safely handling and using a firearm. Jennifer H.

The course was informative and complete for concealed carry. The instructors are excellent. Clear and concise in their presentations in a friendly and open atmosphere. Steve H.

A lot to take in but what I could retain, my level of awareness has gone way up! Joe V.

This class was extremely educational. I feel much more prepared to defend myself and understand the implications of using a firearm in self-defense. Tricia S.

Comments From February 12, 2016 Intro To IDPA Class

Thank you for the great day today. I had a lot of fun and really saw areas for improvement. I enjoyed the lessons and advice that you, Robbie and Charlie offered. I look forward to shooting a match someday soon.

Jeff R.

I can’t even tell you how much fun it was to be out there shooting again, thanks again for a great class!  
Look forward to shooting with you all again in the future.

Chris C.

I want to say "Thank You" to you, Charlie, and Robbie. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the experience, I learned a lot, and I can't imagine having a more helpful, thoughtful, or professional group of instructors than you three.
Ralph A.

Comments From January 16, 2016 Class

It was a wonderful experience. I am so thankful that I went. You all do a great job. I already feel more comfortable with my firearm
Dawn S.

We really enjoyed the class yesterday and gained valuable information and skills from it.  Each one in our family commented about how it helped us feel more comfortable with our guns.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about taking the class having had so little experience in handling guns before, but with your patient and helpful instruction, I found myself gaining more confidence.

Thank you and the great staff for making the training such a positive experience!  AND thank you for courageously taking on such a challenge as me!  That takes nerves of steel to stand there w/such an extremely novice student with a loaded gun! 
We're looking forward to the next class though it may have to be May for me.  Rob and Katelyn are planning on attending the class in March.  

Thanks again!

Carol A

As a "gun novice", I found the Level I training class to be exceptional.  Classroom information was interesting and informative presented in a fast-paced cordial atmosphere.  There were no wrong answers from participants but challenging, thought provoking additional responses from the instructors.  The actual firing practice was another adrenaline rush.  In my view, this was money well spent and I am grateful that such a quality course is offered by such fine instructors.  I look forward to participating in Level II in March.  Thank you gentlemen for such a positive experience.

Dianne S.

I really enjoyed the Level 1 Basic Pistol Class this past Saturday. All instructors were very good. The ‘one on one’ range practice with the instructors was exactly what I needed as a new pistol owner. Can’t wait for the Level 2 course in March. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you guys put into the course in making it both informative and instructional.

Tom A.


Hi Charlie, wanted to say thanks again for the level 1 training.  I wasn't sure if it would benefit me because of the basic gun training it was. To my great surprise the class taught me both new things and pointed out bad habits I had.  Well done, can't wait for the next class. Thanks again.  Carl R.

We really enjoyed the class yesterday and gained valuable information and skills from it.  Each one in our family commented about how it helped us feel more comfortable with our guns.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about taking the class having had so little experience in handling guns before, but with your patient and helpful instruction, I found myself gaining more confidence.

Thank you and the great staff for making the training such a positive experience!  AND thank you for courageously taking on such a challenge as me!  That takes nerves of steel to stand there w/such an extremely novice student with a loaded gun! 

We're looking forward to the next class.   

Thanks again!

Carol A

I had the opportunity to attend Mr Baker's class this past weekend. I've been a concealed carry permit holder and regular shooter for years. This class allowed me to learn some of the basic skills I'll need to be a responsible gun owner. I will be attending the March class and hope to build on those skills acquired in my first class.

Ronnie F.

Am certain I was the "old lady of the entire group" but that's okay because I thought it was a great, informative experience with exceptionally nice men providing classroom and practical shooting instructions.  Kudos to you all for a great class. 

Thanks again for your excellent instructions and the nice guys that are your friends. 

Dianne S.

I attended the USCCA Basic Pistol Course Level 1. This was a great value for the $75 registration fee. I learned so much more than I expected and it  opened my eyes to how much more I need to learn. Many topics were covered including liability and prudent habits regarding concealed carry and the aftermath of using your firearm for personal protection. Most of all it was fun!  The first interaction with my instructor Bill I learned how to change my grip and WOW, it improved my accuracy for the entire day.  The instructors are professionals and operate a safe training program.  I'm  looking forward to part two. I wish it was tomorrow.

Dawn S.

The USCCA course is a must take class if your going to carry.  If you don't learn to draw and shoot, you might as well not carry.  Have been target shooting for a couple of generations, but it isn't the same as drawing and shooting.  Great learning experience, from some great instructors.  Can't wait for the next class.

Bob C.

Thank you very much for running this class. Even though I have been shooting for years I learned a great deal of information. Everyone did a great job of presenting the information and providing a safe and informative live training session. I am looking forward to the second class.
Dan S.

​​Comments From April 18, 2015 USCCA CLASS


I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I found the information extremely valuable. Now I realize that carrying a gun without proper instruction and training is setting myself up for failure. I would recommend this class to anyone who is considering carrying a firearm. Roderick U. April 18, 2015


Great, great course! The cost was worth the value received. Well worth the time and money. Eye opening is an understatement! Instructors were nice, friendly and encouraging. The instructor’s enthusiasm for the subject material was wonderful. We are more confident in the use of our firearm now that we have taken this class. Van & Lois C. April 18, 2015


This was a very good class. It was informative as well as entertaining. The instructors were very knowledgeable and extremely and helpful. Well worth the investment in my education on concealed carry. Allan M. April 18, 2015


This class was so interesting and very much needed. If you are going to conceal carry a firearm you need this class. Very Well Done! Elizabeth C. April 18. 2015


Great Class! I needed the direction this class delivers. Thanks for the well done materials and presentations. Harold C. April 18, 2015


This was an excellent class! Makes you aware of the responsibility of firearm ownership and concealed carry. Well worth the time and money. Thanks for a great day! Glenn R. April 18, 2015


Great handout material and demonstration. I really enjoyed the range participation. Thank you all for a great experience. Brenda V. April 18, 2015


This class is an excellent class. I learned so much about how to carry concealed and even shot better on the range. This is the second class I have taken from Mr. Baker’s Team and they were both great experiences. I suggest this class to anyone wanting to learn more about shooting and proper concealed carry. Mollie L. April 18. 2015


Excellent program! I learned so much today. Thank you for the training provided. I am sure I will build on this excellent foundation. Loved the range time! Chris B. April 18, 2015


The class was excellent! The most enjoyable day that I have spent in quite some time. I will pursue other classes, given as much as I gained today. Bill T. April 18, 2015


I was impressed with the instructors and the material. The class covers important material and I believe it was handled in a serious and professional manner. I appreciate the one on one instruction and look forward to practicing what I have learned. Stephen H. April 18, 2015


Excellent class presentation and visuals! Great live fire exercises on paper and steel plates. Incorporating commands and movement into the shooting routine was an eye opener exercise. I highly recommend this class. Uncle Sam’s BBQ lunch was outstanding! Linda G. April 18, 2015

Comments From October 18, 2014 Class

The class is wonderful and gives analogies and real world emphasis like none other.

Lara Alvis
Alvis & Alvis, LLC Law Firm in Birmingham, AL


Great class! It provides lots of information. I feel so much more prepared to carry concealed.

Marla F. Student


I am glad for this class and for the great information provided. The legal portion is a must for every person that owns, owns and carries a concealed weapon. This is a great team of instructors! Charlie is loaded with advice and great information!

John C. Student


This class was extremely helpful and informative. Highly recommended to all interested in firearms for protection not just concealed carry.

Brock A. Student


Anyone interested in carrying a handgun should take this course. The information provided prompted many new questions and issues for consideration. I highly recommend this course to all firearm enthusiasts.

Scott A. Student


Thank you so much! This class has taught me how serious it is to own a gun, when and when not to use it, and how gun safety is very important. I would recommend this class to any gun user. It will make you rethink about pulling a gun! Charlie is a great teacher and makes sure you understand gun safety. This class should be required class to own a gun.

Harrison R. Student

This class changed my perceptions of concealed carry 180% and will make me a more responsible armed citizen.

Walt A. Student

Excellent training! I feel more confident as a responsible concealed weapon carrier.

Bonita C Student


A “must take” course for anyone who wants to know how to have a better chance to protect loved ones and self. I plan to take the advanced course.

John M. Student


Wonderful class! I feel more confident and informed about what to do in different situations.

Jill A. Student


Before the course I thought I had a good knowledge of my gun, the range, etc. I learned how little I actually knew. The classroom and range proved very beneficial.

Bill G. Student